Studio featured in SXSW panel discussion: Scent As A Post Digital Medium For Storytelling




Scent is a very forceful medium. We stand powerless as it penetrates our nostrils triggering deeply emotional responses. Scent has the power to seduce us or to instil in us a feeling of unease; guiding our behaviour and propelling us into action. This makes scent an ideal medium for storytelling and engaging an audience on a visceral level. This panel will present best practices in using scent as a postdigital medium. It will discuss the challenges of the industry, the medium specific properties of scent and its effects on communicative practices. It will investigate the neurological effects of scent and the use of innovative technologies for the creation of effective storytelling with scent.



Bernardo Fleming
Olfactive design studio Mgr @ International Flavours and Fragrances (IFF)
Bernardo Fleming is the head of the Olfactive Design Studio (ODS) at International Flavours and Fragrances (IFF) in The Netherland. Bernardo is one of the pioneers responsible for the strategic vision of the department. Today he is responsible for evolving the function and bringing to life new fragrance solutions that capture emotion into functional products for the FMCG industry as well as exploring the untapped power of scents. He is based out of the Creative Centre in Hilversum in The Netherlands. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Bernardo has been working over the last 13 years within the fragrance industry. He combines a strong strategic vision with innovative thinking, endless curiosity, a keen eye for market trends, and a high level of execution. He has worked across a wide spectrum of projects with varied priorities; most recently partnering with artists and designers to enrich sensorial experiences by adding the dimension of scent.


Frederik Duerinck
Artist/filmmaker @ Polymorf
Bio Frederik Duerinck (1976) is a filmmaker/artist located in Breda (NL). For many years Frederik has produced and directed a great amount of documentaries, corporate films, e-learning, and online healthcare-applications. Frederik teaches as lecturer film- multimedia- design and project supervisor at the Communication & Multimedia Design program in Breda.

He is also co-founder of the CMD-Netlab and part of the art collective Polymorf. Frederik Duerinck is lead-designer of the Hard Wired Led installation and the Famous Deaths Installation where visitors are placed into a mortuary freezer to experience the final moments of famous dead celebrities by means of audio and scent.


Koan Jeff Baysa
Chief Medical Officer @ Medical Avatar
Kóan Jeff Baysa is a doctor specialising in Translational Medicine; a discipline in which the gap between research and care is bridged by translating questions from patient care into research and application of research means. i.a. technology. In his non-clinical practice he focuses on neuroscience, social media, health perception, medical culture and sustainability. KJ has been on several medical missions to Beirut and Bosnia. He is Chief Medical Officer at Medical Avatar in New York; a company that develops mobile applications for the medical market. KJ Baysa – who was born in Hawaii – is also co-founder and artistic director of the Honolulu Biennial Foundation, an international curator, writer and graduate of the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program. KJ’s network is located at the intersection of medical science, contemporary culture and disruptive technologies. He has made several exhibitions in Dubai, Zagreb, Beijing, Santiago and presented at MoMA and the United Nations.


Susana Cámara Leret
Lead Designer and Co-Founder @ Thought Collider
Co-founder (alongside designer/artist Mike Thompson) of Thought Collider, an experimental, critical art/design research practice based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The studio’s work focuses on the exploration of the meanings and values that can be derived from alternative ways of experiencing built and mediated environments, motivated by emerging technologies. To this end, we conduct design experiments and processual artworks spanning various media, generating experiential knowledge from the anecdotal or absurd: lived experiences that confront the norm by countering the thing-like nature of organisms, objects and places.



SXSW Film Festival
Austin, Texas
11-20th March 2016

Scent As A Postdigital Medium For Storytelling
14th March from 15:30 – 16:30
Austin Convention Center
Ballroom C
531 E 4th St
Austin, TX

Access: Music, Film, Interactive, Gold and Platinum Badges + Artist Wristband
Format: Solo / Dual / Panel
Event Type: Sessions
Track: Future of Entertainment
Level: Advanced