Into full production!

January 14, 2014

After several months of intense preparations, the project is finally into full production, with the different components to be finalised by May 2014. The kinetic instruments consist of 7 metal stands, produced by De Hoop Amsterdam, each holding a custom made cymbal by cymbalsmith Matt Nolan. Each... Read more


Design Column - does big data alter the way we think?

December 17, 2013

What if we were able to listen in on the electro-chemical messages sent by our bodies? In Design Column #6 ‘Dataism’ a study for The Rhythm of Life is on view. The project is produced by designers Mike Thompson and Susana Cámara Leret and media artist Dave Young, in collaboration with... Read more


Terms & Conditions by DEWG

November 22, 2013

Last weekend we were invited to ICT Art & Connect 2013. The event brought together a variety of professionals, ranging from Artists, Designers, Curators, Writers, Technicians and others to develop the beginnings of new collaborative work groups and projects all tackling the subject of ICT... Read more


Molecular ‘Rhythms’

October 22, 2013

Our focus on the body’s biophoton emission, inevitably draws attention to notions of communication and connectivity through light in biological systems. To better address the possibilities this holds for our ideas of interaction and data experience, it is worth including a brief introduction to... Read more