A Collaboration With
Gionata Gatto

Commissioned by
Transnatural Art & Design Label

The Trace series of outdoor lamps sees Mike Thompson and Gionata Gatto revisit the same theme as 2011′s Trap Light, this time with a completely new material investigation and design.

In producing Trap Light, there was a randomness to the process of adding pigment to Murano glass meaning we were yet to optimise the full potential of the pigments. With Trace we adopted a more measured approach.

Using photoluminescent pigments in combination with silicon rubbers, hand-made photoluminescent skins are developed to convert waste energy back into visible light. As darkness descends, a ghostly trace of light is revealed as the high concentration of photoluminescent pigments radiate recycled light energy as an intense, ambient glow.

Trace S and Trace M, are charged either by the provided 5 watt LED light bulb or natural solar energy. Harnessing the natural power of the sun’s rays, and indeed any light in close proximity, Trace L shuns the use of electricity altogether, creating an intense ambient glow from recycled solar light.

Trace: Recycling solar energy as ambient light

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