2011 – On-going

PALMS is a collaboration with ethnobotany Dr. Rodrigo Cámara Leret (Aarhus University), who documented the use of and trade in palm products as part of the ‘Work Package 3: Products provided by palms to local people’, of the PALMS project funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union. In this context, traditional knowledge from the local communities is paired with scientific findings. The challenge therefore remains how to best collate such vast amounts of information, developing methods of communication for its scientific and local preservation and / or use.

Official Project Outline:
Tropical forests harbour thousands of useful plants that are harvested and used in subsistence economies or traded in local, regional or international markets. The effect on the ecosystem is little known, and the forests resilience is badly understood. Palms are the most useful group of plants in tropical American forests and in this project we study the effect of extraction and trade of palms on forest in the western Amazon, the Andes and the Pacific lowlands.

IMGP8065 embera Embera community
IMGP0574 achuar Achuar community
IMGP9164 cofan Cofan community
IMGP9672 tikuna Tikuna community

Project Team

Photography Credits:
All photographs by Rodrigo Cámara Leret