Flaming Pinhole


Flaming Pinhole

Continuing with the same experimental, DIY approach taken in The Pinhole Parcel Project, The Flaming Pinhole Camera began with a simple thought – what image would you get (if any) if you set fire to a camera whilst trying to take a picture? When constructing a simple pinhole camera we hit upon the idea of a shutter that would literally burn away, exposing the film inside.

The design was primitive to say the least. Using a metal tea urn as the basis for a simple pinhole camera, we placed the camera inside a sealed cardboard box and, placing the device at the centre, constructed a mound of sticks and branches on top for our bonfire. Setting alight to the mound we watched for hours as the fire blazed, the outer cardboard shutter slowly burning away, leaving the camera inside exposed recording the whole event.

A few marks and scratches aside, to our surprise, the camera inside remained intact, preserving the negative within. The result, an abstract blur of colour, with strange heat like waves and scorch marks, was completely unexpected.


Project Team

A Collaboration With:
Jamie House