Meet My Molecule Workshop w / ODS @ International Flavours and Fragrances

IFF ODS Pilot Creativity Workshop-66435647


IFF ODS Pilot Creativity Workshop-55422312


IFF ODS Pilot Creativity Workshop-25701


Back in May, we presented a hands-on workshop at International Flavours and Fragrances (IFF) Lab in Hilversum, The Netherlands. Meet My Molecule, as the workshop was called, paired young designers with perfumers in the creation of innovative new scents and applications, utilising signature IFF ingredients. The workshop is part of an on-going collaboration with the Olfactive Design Studio at IFF, employing design thinking as a tool to stimulate the creation of out-of-the-box concepts and smell prototypes.

Aside from the concept and workshop activities, we also designed a range of tools to trigger more off-the-wall thinking and methods for presenting the outcomes as sensory landscapes. A second iteration of the workshop will be held later in 2015.

Photography by Alexandre Coric