Molecular ‘Rhythms’

October 22, 2013

Our focus on the body’s biophoton emission, inevitably draws attention to notions of communication and connectivity through light in biological systems. To better address the possibilities this holds for our ideas of interaction and data experience, it is worth including a brief introduction to... Read more


Worth the wait?

October 22, 2013

Previously we discussed how the ability to hear and feel the punctuations in rhythm offers a new means by which to interpret body data, giving physical form to digital information, making bits directly manipulable and perceptible. However, what we also alluded to was that the experience with the PMT... Read more


A Sound Way To Make Data Tangible

October 22, 2013

AN INTRODUCTION... Aqua Vita, our previous collaboration with the Netherlands Metabolomics Centre, was our first journey into the world of ‘body data’, triggered by a fascination with the supposed paradigm shift in healthcare towards a future of daily self monitoring and diagnosis. You... Read more