Kindred Spirits nominated @ Dutch Design Awards 2016




We are happy to announce that Kindred Spirits has been nominated for a Dutch Design Award in the Design Research category at this years awards. Below a snippet from the press release:

“A shortlist of 26 finalists in 6 categories has been compiled for the 14th Dutch Design Awards. The Dutch Design Awards selection committee arrived at this shortlist after assessing the submissions. In October an international professional jury will choose the winner for each of the 6 categories: Fashion, Product, Habitat, Design Research, Communication and Service & Systems. The winners will be announced on Saturday 29 October during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.”

“In the category Design Research there were many strong submissions, covering a wide spectrum. The committee felt that the submissions clearly displayed that many designers want to make a difference for the world and not just introduce a new way of thinking, but implement it too. Although the degree of impact varied, the designers clearly displayed engagement in the field of current (political) themes.

Finalists in the category Design Research are Specialist Operations (Uruzgan’s Legacy), Thought Collider (Kindred Spirits), Studio Marco Vermeulen (Dutch Smart Thermal Grid) en Kirsten Algera & Ernst van der Hoeven (Macguffin Magazine).”

For further information:
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