Into full production!

After several months of intense preparations, the project is finally into full production, with the different components to be finalised by May 2014. The kinetic instruments consist of 7 metal stands, produced by De Hoop Amsterdam, each holding a custom made cymbal by cymbalsmith Matt Nolan. Each cymbal will be struck by a solenoid controlled by an arduino (thanks to Jasper van Loenen & Jiskar Schmitz) and triggered by a sequencer script, programmed by Dave Young, derived from the PMT data output.

In this manner, the biophotonic data will be calculated and converted into rhythms, with the sound resembling a cross-over between drum cymbals and gongs. Placing your hands within the Photon Multiplier Tube (PMT) will set off the installation, creating a direct translation of your light emissions, for the participant to experience in real-time.

The work will be exhibited in September 2014 at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, the date postponed from the original deadline. Nevertheless, the change in scheduling offers us the possibility to test the different elements prior to their exhibition, borrowing the PMT for one day from the Gorlaeous Lab in Leiden, and setting up the whole installation, can’t wait!

Parallel to these developments is the artwork Experiment #2: Consent, from the Data & Ethics Working Group (DEWG), to be exhibited alongside the Rhythm of Life project. Consent will tackle the ethical implications of this data collection, through a performative work centred on the notion of informed consent. We will soon begin producing some of its elements, with the possibility of showing a preview during the upcoming ICT & Art Connect Brussels event in May 2014. More on this soon!