November 22, 2014

  FATBERG: CHAPTER 1: BEGINNING TO BUILD AN ISLAND OF FAT 28TH NOVEMBER 2014 - 22ND FEBRUARY 2015 MATTER OF LIFE | GROWING BIO ART & DESIGN MU, STRIJP S, TORENALLEE 40-06, EINDHOVEN Mike Thompson and Arne Hendriks invite you to the first public exhibition of their ongoing... Read more


FATBERG Workshop / Launch

October 18, 2014

FATBERG WORKSHOP / LAUNCH MIKE THOMPSON & ARNE HENDRIKS 23RD OCTOBER 2014 @ MU, STRIJP S, EINDHOVEN Looking out towards the ocean, FATBERG is easily spotted by the flock of seagulls circling above, swooping down to take a welcome nibble of its vast store of energy. Only a few square meters... Read more